Cinemeducation: teaching end-of-life issues using feature files

PUBMED ID: 19681561


Source:   Journal of Gerontological Nursing. 35(8):30-6, 2009 Aug.

Authors:  DiBartolo MC. Seldomridge LA.

Institution:  Salisbury University, Department of Nursing, 1101 Camden Avenue,

Salisbury, MD 21801, USA.



 Given the rapidly escalating older adult population and the need to

 strengthen content on end-of-life care in nursing curricula, finding

 creative strategies to encourage student thinking about the dying process

 and personal choice in end-of-life care is a timely challenge for nurse

 educators. There is an evolving body of literature in a variety of

 disciplines on cinemeducation, or the use of films to promote learning and

 personal awareness. This article describes an innovative assignment

 incorporating feature films designed not only to enhance student knowledge

 of the stages and process of grief and the complexity of human reactions

 when facing end-of-life situations, but also to engage students in

 thinking about the importance of quality of life in palliative care. The

 assignment was given to students enrolled in a second-semester,

 junior-level advanced adult health nursing course. Faculty and student

 evaluations of the assignment are discussed, and suggestions for selecting

 films and structuring such an assignment are proposed. Copyright 2009,

 SLACK Incorporated.